The Advent Calendar School - Part Two

We hope you have made great progress with your Advent Calendar, and that you have come up with a great strategy for it.

To make the Advent Calendar successful and to get many participants, you must draw attention to it. In part 2 of the Advent Calendar School we will give you some tips to draw attention to your Calendar.

Every week all throughout November we will bring you a new part of the Advent Calendar School! This school consists of some helpful tips and tricks to make a Calendar that will generate more customers, likes and Facebook followers. In part one we gave you some tips for planning the Calendar.

Still haven't bought an Advent Calendar? It is very easy to create. Try it for free here!


Make sure that the Calendar has some awesome prizes. If you choose to have more than one prize it will increase the chances of winning, which will generate more contestants. Try to set your business apart from others when you pick a prize, and let it reflect your company or your products. If you would rather run a campaign with good offers in the Advent Calendar, there is no trouble in doing so.

Make people aware of the calendar

Let participants sign up today, and more people will join the Calendar. Send reminders about the new window in the Calendar through email, text message or Facebook. In this way you can keep up the interest. Promote it through an ad on Facebook, and your audience reach will be even greater.

Learn from your mistakes

Do changes in the Calendar along the way to get an optimal result. Use Google Analytics and adjust the calendar after the results when they appear. This will make your calendar even more effective!

Good luck creating your Advent Calendar! Stay tuned, next week we will give you our best tips for design and layout.

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