The Advent Calendar School - Part Three

Santa is now done wrapping all of the Christmas gifts and has started preparing Rudolph and the other reindeers for the great journey around the world. And you? Are you prepared for the busy holiday season?

Every week in November we will give you a new part of the Advent Calendar School with helpful tips on how to make an Advent Calendar that will generate more customers, likes and Facebook followers.

In part 1 we gave you some tips for planning, and in part 2 we showed you how to draw attention to the calendar. Now we will guide you through designing and sharing it.

Still haven't bought an Advent Calendar? It is very easy to create!


Choose a stylish design that matches your company. You will find many great templates in the app, and you can customize the calendar to your design profile by adding your own colours, fonts and of course your logo. You can also create your own unique design, if you'd rather. See our design guide for more tips.

Adding questions and answers

Click on one of the windows in the calendar to add questions with multiple choices. Pick some engaging questions that are fun to answer or that makes participants learn more about your business.


Make your advent calendar available on your website and on Facebook. It is fast and easy to install the calendar on your Facebook Page, where participants can share it with their friends! The calendar also has a responsive design to fit all mobile devices and browsers.

Share your calendar

When you have finished designing your advent calendar, all you have to do is choose what social media you want to share the advent calendar in. This will make the calendar spread like wildfire and you will get many participants. You will also receive stats on sharing in social media afterwards.

Stay tuned, next week we will bring you the last part of the Advent Calendar School. Here you will get some tips on how to follow up communication with the new followers when the calendar has ended.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Advent Calendar!

A generic christmas snowman decoration over a christmas light and tree defocused background. It is a generic ornament. Shallow depth of field and copy space on left. Ideal image for your Christmas designs.