The Advent Calendar School - Part One

The cozy winter season is upon us, with long dark nights, warm sweaters and candlelights. To make this Christmas just as great as last year's, it's about time to start the important holiday preparations, which of course involves planning your Advent Calendar!

Every week all through November we will bring you a new part of the Advent Calendar School! Here we will give you some helpful tips and tricks to make a Calendar that will generate more customers, likes and Facebook followers.

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Early bird gets the worm

Planning is the key to a successful Advent Calendar! Try determining what you want to accomplish through the Calendar and set specific goals. Now find the right audience and a good strategy to reach this group in the best way possible.

Let people sign up today

Let participants sign up for the Calendar today and you will get more participants. Use the function for pre-sign up, and send an email reminder about the Advent Calendar to the participants before kick off on December 1st. Post the calendar on your website and Facebook, and you will reach out to a bunch of new potential customers. You will get more subscribers to your newsletters by letting people register their email at signup.

Stick to a main theme

Pick a relevant theme for the calendar that fits to your company. Choose questions that will make participants learn something new about your company or products. But remember, it should be easy to find the correct answers! If participants can’t easily find the correct answer, they will more probably give up on the quiz.

We hope these tips helped you to get started with your Advent Calendar! In the next part you can read more about how to market your Calendar.