Having delivered on Christmas calendars to large and small businesses for several years, we can honestly say that we offer a friendly and comprehensive solution. With all the features you need to make a successful marketing stunt when december arrives.

Advent Calendar - 24 windows with questions

24 windows with questions

Each day you can click on a new window. The window contains a question, a number of alternative answers and a photo or video related question. 

You can also add the prize with a picture and description. Prizes may be drawn daily or once for the whole period. The participants with the most correct answers then have a greater chance of winning.

Advent Calendar - Made for mobiles and tablets

Made for mobiles and tablets

Over 50% of all activity on social media comes from mobile devices. Therefore, this year’s advent calendar is made with a greater emphasis on mobile devices.

It works in all of the newer web browsers and of course iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Galaxy Tab, Windows Phone and Nokia.

Advent Calendar - Integrated with Facebook

Integrated with Facebook

Our calendar can be easily placed on your Facebook page.

Every time someone likes your Facebook page, their friends will be notified in the news feed. This is seen as a recommendation which is given more consideration than an advertisement.

Comprehensive but simple

Everything you need to set up a professional and well-functioning advent calendar is clearly outlined. We have made it easy to manage your calendar – everything from statistics to reminders and drawing of the winner. Simple, fast and very very useful!

Sharing on social media

The windows can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest aso. You can also view stats on sharing.

Reminders via E-mail

Reminders can be entered for each day or with the same content for the whole period.

Integrated with your Facebook Page

There is only one easy click to install he calendar directly on your Facebook page.

Integrated with your Website

A separate feature for displaying the calendar directly on your website.

Drawing the Winner

A separate feature for drawing and approving winners. Every day or for the whole period.

Integrated with Wordpress

Display the calendar in Wordpress the easy way.

Custom Company Logo

All of our design templates have space for your company’s logo.

Great Design Templates

We can offer a large selection of design templates with a Christmas theme. By choosing the design module, it is here you can customize the templates as you like.

Prize View

On each window/date, you can upload a photo or post a video of the prize, with accompanying text.

Customize your own Design*

Our design module allows you to customize the design with your own fonts, colors and images.

Integrated with Google Analytics

For more comprehensive statistics, you can add your Analytics code.

Integrated with YouTube and Vimeo

Just add your code and we will fix the rest.

Customization of the Confirmation Page

Here you can enter your text based on the right or wrong answers. You can also add links with unique promotions to the participants.

Form for Preregistration

Register eager participants already now. They will then receive an e-mail reminder on December 1.

Publish the Winners

You can publish the winner of yesterday’s draw directly on the advent calendar and on your Facebook page.

Export the Winners

You can export all of the participants and their corresponding information to an Excel file.

Numerous Languages

Do you have offices in other countries? If so, then the calendar can be translated to Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, German, English (UK & US) or Spanish (Castilian).