Facebook Problem Solver

Issues with installing on Facebook and how to solve them

Start with removing the Advent Calendar app from last year. Click 1) Manage Tabs in the sidebar to the left.


Click 2) Apps, then click 3) X to remove the advent calendar app. Now try installing the Advent Calendar again. The app is called Advent Calendar 2016.


I have deleted the app, but the Advent Calendar is still visible as a link in the sidebar

To refresh the sidebar you might have to turn the Use default tabs on and off again. Under Manage Tabs click 1) Edit Page, then 2) Use default tabs. Try clicking Off before turning it On again.


Ho ho ho - 404 This is not the page you are looking for


Facebook and Advent Calendar is out of sync. What has most likely happened, is that the reference between Advent Calendar and Facebook has been deleted in the calendar.

It should look like this:


If you can not find a reference to your Facebook page, then it has been deleted. Delete the Advent Calendar App (as described above) on Facebook and install it again.

Permission Error

When you click Install Facebook app in the Advent Calendar editor, you will see a window that looks something like this:


If you do not have any pages or if you are logged in as a user that does not have admin rights to any pages, you will see the following:


Log on to Facebook using an account with admin rights for the Facebook Page, and then install the Advent Calendar again.

If you see this message please contact us through our chat function or send an email to support@make.as


It looks like you might have an age restriction activated on your Facebook Page. Try clicking 1) Manage Tabs.


Then click 2) General and choose 3) Anyone (13+) under Age Restrictions. Then click 4) Save Changes.


Now go to 1) Manage Tabs, then 5) Apps and 6) click the next to Advent Calendar 2016 to delete the app, then click 7) Yes when you get the question if you want to remove the app.


Now install the Advent Calendar again. Then click 1) Manage Tabs, and 2) General and activate 3) Age Restrictions again.