Exporting Participants

Keep track by exporting the list of participants.

Under 1) Participants you can export the list of participants to Microsoft Excel.

2) Click Responses, and you can choose to 3) export all of the participants with the correct answer at a given date, or 4) export the Total of all winners throughout the calendar. Here you will see all of the information you have asked from the participants at registration.

You also have different choices when it comes to exporting information about all of the participants, only the ones with the correct answer to a question, or only the ones who had the wrong answer.

Then you can import the list of contestants to other email and crm systems and market yourself towards these potential customers.

It is easy to import the list to eg Make Newsletter, an app to make and send professional newsletters.

How to follow-up through email after the advent calendar:

  • Express your gratitude to the participants of your advent calendar, and add a summary of the calendar
  • A designated offer to the participants of the advent calendar
  • Information about other contests and happenings in the upcoming months