Email Reminders

If you want the advent calendar to be as effective as possible, you should send daily reminders by email to the participants . 1) Go to Settings.


Then go to 2) E-mail Reminder. Click 3) Activate, and fill in which 4) email and 5) name the reminder is going to be sent from. Write a 6) Subject and a 7) message that will be sent to the participants. Also, choose if you want to 8) link the Web version or to a Custom page.

If you want to send different messages the various days, just 9) click on the day you would like to write a message for, and type the message for that date. It is always a good idea to send a test to yourself to see that everything looks the way you want it. Also, remember clicking 10) Save when you are done.


Daily reminders will:

  • Make participants open more windows in the calendar which will lead to greater viral spread in social media
  • Promote your calendar where you can show off the extra cool prize
  • Be managed by the participants, so it is not perceived as forced