Adding Questions & Answers

Every day in December a new window will be available in the advent calendar. In each window participants have the opportunity to answer a multiple choice question, with videos and pictures to illustrate the question.

To add questions and multiple choice options in the calendar, just 1) click the window where you want to add a question.


Now you may add a relevant question and options. After entering the question and several choices, 2) remember to tick-off the box with the right answer. If you wish to add more options, click 3) + or 4) click the icon of a trashcan to remove choices. 5) Add a Prize, and 6) give a description of the prize to let participants know what they might win if the choose the correct answer. You might also add a 7) Confirmation text, where you might choose to have the same or different text for the correct and the wrong choice.


If you would rather run a campaign with good offers on your products instead of a quiz in your Advent Calendar, just click 8) Campaign. Add a 9) Title and a 10) Description of the campaign, and then choose whether you would like to 11) Collect Subscribers or not. If you choose to collect subscribers, type a 12) Confirmation Text that will be visible for the participants when they have subscribed. Remember clicking 13) Save or 14) Save and continue if you want to continue adding campaigns for the next dates in the calendar.